Housing accumulation Fund loan conditions detailed Lo trade unions are entitled to subsidized loans

housing provident fund housing common reserve fund loan conditions many have buyers who really want to know, in fact, most of the country have already customized the housing accumulation Fund loan conditions, and requirements of each city roughly the same, differing only in the details. Following a case study of Dalian, Dalian housing fund loans under the small series for details of relevant information.
detailed explanation of housing accumulation Fund loan conditions

1, object: as a rule normally paid in the housing accumulation Fund and employees with full civil capacity.

2, conditions:

(1) have urban registered permanent residency status or valid.

(2) not less than 30%, building the total purchase price of self-financing.

(3) has a contract or agreement to purchase housing, constructed in owner-occupied housing approval provided the management building of civilization and the land use permit (all originals).

(4) a regular employment and a stable income, good reputation, and ability to repay the loan principal and interest.

(5) units with sufficient compensatory ability or more occupation, income stability, good natural persons bear joint and several liability.

of low-income families may be eligible for housing accumulation Fund loan loan interest subsidy

Housing Fund Management Center in Dalian City announced this year in the city to promote the implementation of personal housing accumulation Fund loan policy now and enjoy the city's low-income housing common reserve fund loan workers can apply for interest subsidy, to further boost the housing accumulation Fund in solving the housing problem of low-income families on the support and protection.

discount objects

shall be the housing accumulation Fund loan workers enjoyed minimum living standard.

discount conditions

mortgage only for family housing; in addition to situations such as unemployment, death, before applying for discount to normal pay housing fund; discount should repay before applying for housing accumulation Fund loan principal and interest.


for borrowers enjoy subsidized housing common reserve fund loan interest expenses for the period 80%. Mortgage area of no more than 90 square meters, according to the actual loan amount subsidized credits; mortgage covering more than 90 square meters, is proportional to the area of 90 square meters of housing a total of calculated discount amount.

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