How to apply for a personal loan

credit cards issued by the people's Bank of China registered borrower's card, is the borrowers to financial institutions to apply for loan qualification. Credit card records the credit card code and password, is sign of commercial bank "bank credit registration consultation system" document querying customer credit information. How to apply for a personal loan card?
card how to apply for a personal loan personal loans Guide to bid

1, where individuals as collateral when providing security for enterprises and institutions must apply for credit cards.

2, and bid who in municipal government website upper and lower contains balance sheet, and profit and the profit distribution table, and cash flow table, filled data copy disc Hou, carry following documents, to registered to people Bank handle application led card procedures:

① loan card applications;

II booklet original and the copies;

③ ID original and the copies;

II loan letter of intent.

how handle personal loan card personal loan card application conditions

1, and has town resident account or effective residence identity;

2, and has stable of career and income, credit good, has regular also loan principal and interest of capacity;

3, and not enjoy purchase subsidies of, not below purchase housing all price of 30% as purchase of first payment; enjoy purchase subsidies of, to personal bear part of 30% as purchase first payment;

4, and Approved by our bank assets as collateral or pledge, or sufficient compensatory ability of units or individuals as a repayment of the loan principal and interest, and jointly and severally liable guarantor;

5, with a purchase contract or agreement, the purchase of housing prices in line with our delegates on the basis or the assessed value of real estate appraisal institutions;

6, Bank under other conditions.

how handle personal loan card personal loan card of bid program

1, and borrowing people received blank applications;

2, and borrowing people fill in applications;

3, and carrying applications and the documents handle apply for procedures;

4, and sent card organ audit borrowing people situation;

5, and to borrowing people loan card, and will about material entered computer, loan card entered into force.

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