How to bank loans for bank loans

many businesses, especially small and medium enterprises because of bank loans are not familiar with business process, the materials required by the Bank is not clear, reduce the efficiency of financing or leading financing failed. Enterprises how to get bank loans? How to apply for bank loans?

a, and how handle Bank loan, Enterprise handle Bank loan general process:

1, and account;

2, and application loan;

3, and Customer Manager loan survey;

4, and approval;

5, and signed borrowing contract;

6, and implementation mortgage, and pledge contract or other guarantee contract;

7, and lending;

8, and loan management;

9, and The maturity of the loan back.

II, and how handle Bank loan, Enterprise handle Bank loan by needed of material, and prepared submitted material

1, and enterprise and guarantor (as has) of basic situation, including by annual of corporate license, organization institutions code card, inspection funding report, company articles, statutory representative people of ID Ming or representative people authorized book and authorized agent of identity proved, Board or management institutions agreed application borrowing of resolution;

2, and enterprise and guarantor (as has) Of the accounting firms audited financial statements and loan application one month prior to its financial statements;

3, inward (mass) list of charge and disciplinary action agrees inward (mass) proof of the charge, the guarantor/issuer intends to agree to ensure that all supporting documents;

4, Enterprise annual inspection of the credit card.

5, attention: Enterprise easily lack in the submission: submitted to the Bank is not a copy of stamped. Lack of financing in the submissions of authorization documents. Enterprise articles of Association will agree major decisions need to be accredited within the enterprise, as is the Board of Directors, some of which are decisions of the legal representative, General Manager of some enterprises decided to General Corporate Finance Board decisions will be required, so companies have to provide the Board of Directors resolution.

three, and how handle Bank loan, Bank on Enterprise handle Bank loan do which aspects of review

1, and enterprise of basic information, including enterprise managers situation, and shareholders situation, and history background, and development situation,;

2, and enterprise of industry situation, national macro policy, industry development, industry features, enterprise in the industry in the of industry status,;

3, and enterprise of business situation, including enterprise of procurement, and production, and sales and the legal business situation

4, and enterprise of management situation, including enterprise culture, managers quality, and employees quality, and management way,;

5, and enterprise of financial situation, including enterprise financial report and on Bill, related financial data and the support information;

6, and enterprise of needs situation, including enterprise funds needs of purpose, and repayment source,;

7, and enterprise of credit status, including enterprise of trading records and enterprise in people Bank, related credit records;

8, corporate guarantee, including real estate or other offset (MS) delay of security or the investigation.

four, the management of bank loans

during the loan period, the Bank will regularly check the enterprise's basic situation, tracking, to ensure that financial risk.

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