Introduction to microfinance company microfinance company restructuring rural Bank

  over the years, microfinance company in the context of financing small and micro businesses have an important role, so we collected for you and a microfinance company related information, including: introduction to microfinance companies, access to microfinance company transformed rural Bank conditions, for members ' reference.
Introduction to microfinance company

microfinance company is an enterprise legal person, independent of the corporate property, property rights, to all the property shall bear civil liability for its debts. Microfinance company shareholders shall have the assets and the right to participate in major decisions and choose managers, its subscribed capital or subscription of shares in limited companies responsible.

a microfinance company shall comply with laws and administrative regulations of the State, the State of financial principles and policies, implementation of financial accounting standards for business enterprises and accounting supervision and management to all levels of Government and relevant departments in accordance with law.

micro-loan companies should be implementing national monetary policy and policy in doing business within the limits prescribed by laws and regulations, independent management and profit, self-restraint, at their own risk, its legitimate business activities are protected by law and not subject to any interference by any unit or individual.

cracking the financing problems of small and micro enterprises to promote microfinance company restructuring rural Bank

a few days ago, Premier Wen Jiabao presided over a State Council Executive meeting, studying and further support the healthy development of small and micro-enterprises. It was noted that the current small and micro enterprises, the pressure of rising costs, financing difficulties and other issues still outstanding, you must further increase the intensity of support. The meeting proposed that to speed up the development of small financial institutions, relaxing private capital and foreign investment and international organizations the funding share the condition of small financial institutions, relaxed single investor holding a microfinance company limited, in line with the conditions of small loan companies can be restructured to a village or township Bank.

analysts believe that micro-credit companies can play an important role in the small business loan, village banks will change its "credit does not exist" has to be fully operating by their own capital dilemma. Many large banks to lend the object are tilted in State-owned enterprises and village Bank combines the large banks and micro-credit companies the advantage of both, and make greater contributions to regional economic development. At present, accelerating the pace of microfinance companies to village bank transfer is urgent.

microfinance company transformed rural Bank access conditions

(a) the shareholders ' meeting (General) meeting, representing two-thirds of the voting shareholders agree to microfinance companies restructured to establish village banks and disposed of microfinance credit and debt and restructuring work to make decisions. Debt disposal should comply with related laws and regulations.

(b) the mechanism to improve corporate governance, internal controls, sound, operating in good condition and high credibility, and adhere to the support service.

1, the governance body clear responsibilities, clear rules and decision-making procedures, control science, assessment and incentive mechanisms are effective, transparent information disclosure.

2, with a complete and effective system of internal control, covering various business processes and operations, and in place.

3, has a good reputation, integrity and tax records, no significant violations.

4, according to the guiding opinions and new business for 3 years and above; after verification, no credit card losses, and the last 2 fiscal years continuous profitable asset risk classification accuracy, and its bad loan ratio lower than 2%; has full provision for bad debts is ready, including loan loss reserve adequacy ratio more than 130%; net worth greater than the paid-up capital.

5, the assets should be mainly to loans in recent four quarter-end balance of its loan balances to total assets ratio, in principle, are not less than 75%, and has been fully put on the County.

6, the most recent four quarters of agriculture-related loans as a proportion of all loans at the end of not less than 60%.

7, a single customer credit balances should not exceed 5% of the net assets, net customer loans must not exceed the single group 10%.

8, the amount of mortgaged assets shall not exceed the total assets of 10%.

(c) the eligible banking institutions have been identified with as main sponsor.

(d) provincial government authorities recommend its reform to establish village banks, while its corporate governance and internal control, management and other aspects of evaluation.

(e) not set up village banks in counties (cities) and counties (cities) of microfinance companies of the following areas, in principle, give priority to restructuring.

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