Standard model articles of a microfinance company

first the interests of companies, the legitimate rights and interests of the shareholders, regulate the Organization and operation of the company, in accordance with the People's Republic of China Act (hereinafter referred to as the Act) and other provisions of the relevant laws and administrative regulations, the formulation of the Constitution.

second company in accordance with the company law and other relevant laws, the administrative rules and regulations established by the Corporation.

established by the company established.

article name: (hereinafter referred to as the company),

fourth company residence: **

article fifth company registered capital is RMB *** million.

sixth company business term: permanent existence (or since the date of incorporation registration * month * to * years).

article seventh Chairman of the Board for the company's legal representative (or: General Manager for the company's legal representative).

article eighth company capital is divided into equal shares, confined to the subscription of the shares of the shareholders on corporate responsibility, the company, with all of its property to the liability of the company.

Nineth article this Regulation as from the commencement date, namely on the company, its shareholders, directors, supervisors and senior managers are binding.

Chapter II scope

article tenth of the company's business scope: ***

(a) handle all kinds of micro-credit;

(b) apply for small business development, management, financial advisory services;

(c) other approved businesses.

(the above business scope subject to the company registration authority for approval).

Chapter shares

first section shares

12th shares take the form of shares of the company.

13th all shares are common shares issued by the company.

14th company shares issued, apply the principle of openness, fairness and justice, same unit and the same rights, same unit and the same good.

15th company of the shares face value of one yuan per share.

16th company's stock take in paper form, as registered shares.

17th the company total number of shares million shares, all by the sponsor to subscribe.

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