Knowledge quiz

one, secured financing and illegal fund-raising difference?
guarantee financing and illegal fund raising the fundamental difference lies in the formal guarantee is neither absorbed nor handle possession of both lenders and borrowers of money, but for private borrowers to provide information referral services, as well as meet the collateral requirements of stakeholders to provide security, to provide customers with professional credit management service, warranty service fee charged. Imposed on folk debit and credit sides of open, transparent, standardized operation, and consciously accept the supervision of the community.

Second, what is the legal basis for private investment guarantee?
private lending laws and regulations are mainly involved in the People's Republic of China Law of contract and the People's Republic of China general principles of civil law, the People's Republic of China on urban real estate administration law, Ministry of urban real estate mortgage regulations as well as the Supreme People's Court concerning several provisions of the borrowing people's court case and the Supreme People's Court on the implementation of mortgaged housing provisions, judicial interpretations and the People's Republic of China Law on notary, and so on.

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